Ever craved a simple indulgence where Irish cream meets milk chocolate? Well Sokolad offers premium Belgian style chocolate for dessert connoisseurs who not only demand quality products but savor a spark of their 6th sense. By combining the intensity of pure chocolate and carefully selected herbs, fruits and spices, Sokolad provides special boxes with an assortment of creamy white, dark and milk chocolates. Premium ingredients are used in all of our chocolates including fresh whole milk,  pure cane sugar, grade AA butter, Madagascar vanilla and fresh fruit.

Our craftsmanship sets us apart from our competitors as each ingredient is mixed with quality chocolate and proudly made in Nigeria. Our use of quality ingredients and chocolate making techniques gives our handmade chocolate the best possible texture and taste.

Since our inception in December 2011, Our chocolates have been spotted in the bags of discerning clients across Lagos. Our clients have had nothing short of a mind blowing experience with our chocolates.

We offer our customers a different experience with each chocolate treat they purchase. The delicacy of our flavors merged with the combination of our textures is what makes the gourmet world of SOKOLAD alluring.

Let your senses get ready for a moment of pure satisfaction.

Indulge your senses ....

Rhys Logan